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Gilda Anderson

Gilda has consistently demonstrated leadership qualities and caring behavior within the chapter. As a leader, she ensures tasks are completed while involving all committee members in project creation and execution. She brings sincerity and a wonderful spirit to the chapter and its members. Gilda has worked tirelessly on various initiatives, including Advocate for Social Justice, Chapter Anniversary, Risk Management, and Connection and Social Action Committees. She attends all committee meetings and events.


When considering nominees, Gilda's embodiment of sisterhood, respectfulness, and knowledge of chapter matters stands out. Gilda consistently offers support to others, dedicating herself to organizing events like the Kourageous Konversation series, Chapter Anniversary and other activities. She accepts and follows through on assignments, volunteering for additional assistance and displaying a leadership spirit.

Past Members of the Year


Latrone Bailey- 2022

Antionece Robinson - 2021

Tracy Roach - 2019

Malikh Franklin Williams - 2018

Michelle Green - 2017

Ashley Greene Fogle - 2016

Yulanda Smith Ellis - 2015

Venetta McCullough - 2014

Barbara Thomas - 2013

Tscharner Strapp - 2012

Luwando Wright - 2011

Venetta McCullough - 2010

Genita Jackson - 2009

Venetta McCullough - 2008

Barbara Thomas - 2007

Veronica Phillips - 2006

Revertha Grace - 2005

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